During my formative years at Da'Vinci School of Multimedia Art, I discovered the exciting world of the IT and Design technologies, from there I began to deepen my knowledge in IT technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS and Angular JS.

First of all, I care about a good work environment and great partners to work with. I work because I love what I do and feel passionate about it. I’m self-taught, honest, a creativity lover, perfectionist, found it easier to learn new languages and a big dreamer.

I assisted to a lot of courses in Institutions such as the UTN University and IT Master in Argentina. Currently, I am improving my English language skills. 

The Design and Development are my passions, I find myself constantly learning new trends and styles that are on the market. I apply my knowledge to create an excellent and unique User Experience, and I love having big challenges to solve.
Going up!